December 1972

25 Years of Marquard & Bahls

In 1972, the company marks its 25th anniversary. All those involved – Theodor Weisser as the driving force, all employees and partners – can look back on our successes with pride. From its modest start as a lubricating oil trader in 1947, the company has grown to become one of Germany’s leading independent petroleum traders. Mabanaft is the foremost independent importer in Germany. We therefore contribute significantly to price stability and are a vital prop when it came to supplying independent distributors.

Internationally, too, Mabanaft is one of the leading and most innovative independent oil-trading organizations . Mabanaft is one of the pioneers in the business of gasoline blending in the ARA area and is one of the parties responsible for creating the Rotterdam spot market. Our ability to guarantee supply rests on product agreements with Russia and Kuwait. We also have crude oil supply contracts with Sojuzneftexport and U.S. partners as well as follow-up contract processing agreements in Italy, Denmark and in the ARA area.

Marquard & Bahls no longer relies solely on Mabanaft's trading activities: Mabanaft/Petronord's tank terminal division is set up as an independent company; as are the service stations and barges with the same purpose in mind. The company is therefore well-equipped for the future. With Mr. Hans Weisser ready to take the reins, the management succession is assured. The new corporate structure (since 1969) with its clear areas of responsibility allows the company to react quickly and flexibly to changing conditions.

And conditions are indeed changing. Germany's economic growth has hit a rough patch and on an international level, there has been an appreciable shift in the balance of power. As far back as 1968, the USA has been warning the other OECD countries that they would no longer be able to act as swing suppliers of crude oil. And on the other side of the fence, the petroleum-producing countries' argument, that they use oil as a weapon, is becoming ever louder. The Group has been equal to the challenges so far and we will master any future challenges, assuming we continue to show the same commitment and loyalty to the company.