October 2003

Entry into Wood Pellets and Wood Briquettes Trading

Marquard & Bahls has a new subsidiary since the end of 2002: GEE Energy (Gesellschaft für Erneuerbare Energien). GEE Energy concentrates its efforts on the biomass market, in particular the trade in wood pellets and wood briquettes.

The European biomass fuel market still offers great potential for development. Trading in wood pellets and wood briquettes is an add-on to the trade in middle distillates and presents interesting new business opportunities. Thanks to Marquard & Bahls’ many years of experience, the company not only has considerable expertise in energy-related questions, but also possesses a far-reaching distribution network.

During this heating season, GEE Energy worked closely with Petronord to start marketing its wood pellets. The Petronord holdings Mühlenbruch Stinnes, Bremen and NEWCo, Lübbecke/Hiddenhausen sell the pellets to customers looking for an alternative to traditional fossil fuels. The distribution network is to be extended gradually.