Extension of Hamburg Tank Terminal
Hamburg tank terminal

July 1971

Extension of Hamburg Tank Terminal

By May 1970, work has already begun on the Elbe-island 'Hohe Schaar' in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. By the first of December 1970, 50,000 cbm of storage space is available – meaning that for some time now, it has been possible to process tankers at the jetty.

Tank space capacity increases to 115,000 cbm following the completion of the second construction phase in February this year. Four 5,000 cbm tanks store gasoline while the others are used to transship middle distillates. On completion of the third construction phase, including the planned tanks, Mabanaft has a total capacity of 600,000 cbm at its disposal in Hamburg. This strengthens Petronord’s position considerably.

The depth of the Kattwyk-harbour satisfies the prerequisites for tankers of up to 6,000 tons. Marquard & Bahls is extremely lucky that the city of Hamburg has committed itself to maintaining the Elbe's depth. Loading stations for tank cars and loading arms for tank trucks are available to transship imported finished products, mainly from Italy, Spain and the Warsaw Pact. So the company is well-equipped for any new tasks.