Formation of AFM, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Freier Mineralöl-Importeure e.V.
Mr Kurtz

May 1961

Formation of AFM, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Freier Mineralöl-Importeure e.V.

Marquard & Bahls and six other independent oil-trading companies join together as AFM, Arbeitsgemeinschaft freier Mineralöl-Importeure e.V. AFM Chairman, Mr. Kurtz about this organization:

“For the future we need a means by which the interests of independent importers of petroleum products may be represented when dealing with legislative ministries and other organizations, particularly the refineries. The individual oil traders are not taken seriously enough by the authorities and are often disadvantaged, when getting import licences, for instance. The refineries, too, make fuel trading difficult for the oil-trading companies. We aim to dismantle the existing restrictions on imports and lower import costs. We have joined together today and signed the register of association in order to better represent our interests in future. Any independent importer of petroleum products may become a member provided he has no business affiliations and may trade freely without third party restrictions. 

The AFM's price-comparison table is designed to keep traders abreast of the actual prices of petroleum products. The published prices previously relied on by oil trading companies were in fact artificially calculated. These prices were usually higher than the new AMF prices, which are produced by taking the trade prices attained in Rotterdam and adjusting them to allow for extreme price swings. These prices are of great help to many traders. Platt's Oilgram has adopted them for this very reason. It is particularly important for Marquard & Bahls that Sojuznefteexport, as one of our main suppliers, accepts the AFM quotations.”