Mabagas Acquires Biogas Plant in Bardowick
Biogas plant in Bardowick

June 2012

Mabagas Acquires Biogas Plant in Bardowick

Mabagas takes over the management and operation of a biogas plant in the Lüneburg district in June. The plant in Bardowick, which had already been in operation since 2007, specializes in recycling organic waste from the agro-food industry.

The biogas produced is used to produce heat and electricity. As part of the modernization of the biogas plant, the existing CHP (combined heat and power unit) used for power generation is to be replaced with a gas-processing plant that would feed the processed, natural gas-quality biogas into the natural gas grid, so that it could be offered as a trading product or as a fuel (in the form of bio-CNG) at Mabagas-owned stations.

As an independent company, the biogas plant continues to be available to its customers – e.g. waste management companies and the food industry – as a partner in recycling their organic waste.