December 1962

Mabanaft AG, Switzerland Gets Active

Mabanaft AG in Switzerland, founded October 28, 1957, has not been particularly active until recently. The office has, however, become more important of late. Switzerland is dependent on petroleum imports, as it has no oil deposits of its own. Such high demand means independent oil trading companies have an excellent opportunity to find gaps in the market. Switzerland also imports heavy heating oil, and seeing as Marquard & Bahls is looking for buyers of this product (produced in great quantities as a by-product of crude oil processing) Mr. Weisser decides to activate Mabanaft AG. And besides, Switzerland also buys Russian oil, which Marquard & Bahls has difficulties finding markets for in other European countries.

Marquard & Bahls buys the bulk of its petroleum products from its sister company in Rotterdam. These products are then imported into Switzerland by ship to be resold.