November 1974

Marquard & Bahls Enters the Steel Business

The oil crisis in particular has shown that it makes sense for a corporation to branch out into non-core businesses. The buzz-word here is: diversification. With this in mind, Dobbertin is acquired. Hellmuth Weisser serves asManaging Director of the Röhren- und Stahlexport Dobbertin KG.

Dobbertin is an intermediary for pipes. The goods are bought, then resold. Dobbertin handled a huge variety of products, from precision steel pipes right through to steel cylinders.

Over the past two years, the company has succeeded in setting up a highly profitable business in the Balkans in addition to the traditional business in Scandinavia. It mainly deals with statetrading countries whose purchases are put out to tender. As soon as the amounts being tendered are known, the steelworks are contacted, to secure the pipes at the best possible price. Then the purchasing country is approached with the freshly negotiated prices and a bid to win the tender.