August 1951

Marquard & Bahls Goes Abroad

A New Start-Up of BBH Abroad

To date, the petroleum products traded by Marquard & Bahls have mostly come from refineries in Germany. Since 1950, however, Marquard & Bahls has increasingly been buying oil from abroad, mainly from Belgium. The growing volume of business conducted with Brussels and Antwerp leads to the decision to set up a company there in 1951. It bears the name BBH (Benzol, Benzin, Huil).

Marquard & Bahls Goes to Africa

On August 8, 1951, Südatlantik Handelsgesellschaft mbH is entered in the Commercial Trade Register. The company exports industrial products to Tangier, Casablanca, Dakar, Elizabethville and Léopoldville. There are no export restrictions. The business contacts to companies in the above-mentioned cities came about during Mr. Weisser's three-month trip, concentrating particularly on Congo. Marquard & Bahls founds SAH because a company that generates foreign currency is needed. At the time, a special import licence is required for each import of petroleum products, and only those who trade and possess foreign currency are issued such a licence. The new company is hoped to help improve the foreign currency situation and expand the actual business of oil trading.