Opening of IOT Mabagas’ First Biogas Plant in India
Biogas plant in Namakkal, India

January 2013

Opening of IOT Mabagas’ First Biogas Plant in India

After the biogas plant in Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, India, has been successfully ramping up operations since mid-December 2012, the opening ceremony takes place on January 26, 2013. With this step, the first biogas plant of Mabagas’ Indian subsidiary is now also officially connected to the national power grid.

The plant operated by IOT Mabagas Ltd., a joint venture between Mabagas and IOT Infrastructure & Energy Services Ltd., is a single-step wet fermentation plant comprising four fermenters with an overall volume of 16,000 cbm. In full operation, approx. 8 million cbm of biogas per year can be produced, which can be converted into power via two combined heat and power stations of 1.2 MW(el) each. The plant processes only waste material such as chicken manure and residues from the local starch and sugar industries. IOT Mabagas Ltd. deliberately refrains from using energy crops to prevent competition with food production. 

The plan is that as of April 2013, the plant would be able to produce sufficient power to meet the annual electricity needs of more than 5,000 households in India. The fermentation residues formed in the process are separated, sun-dried, and then used as fertilizer on surrounding farmland.