June 2006

Skytanking Third Largest Business Area of Marquard & Bahls

Aviation fuelling has developed into the third-largest Marquard & Bahls business over the past few years. Skytanking operates at 14 European and American airports and employs approx. 320 people around the world in mid-2006. Customers of Skytanking are primarily airports and airlines, but also oil companies.

Skytanking is the only company in the market to focus exclusively on aviation fuelling services. Besides into-plane fuelling, this also includes the financing, construction and operation of fuel-storage and hydrant systems. Neither the traditional ground handling companies nor the oil companies can offer such comprehensive services – they see aviation fuelling as one of many activities they are reluctant to handle or unable to cover completely. Another crucial advantage is Skytanking’s independence from the oil companies.