April 1965

Successful Businesses of Wilhelm Schliemann GmbH in Scandinavia

The lubricating-oil business in the Scandinavian region was started up in 1958, and even before that, Marquard & Bahls had been selling gasoline to Peder Lysgaard. Business started well and this encouraged the company to give it a try in Denmark using contract processing, meaning Marquard & Bahls delivers crude oil to refineries for reprocessing and in exchange for a fee, takes the end product back for resale. This business is conducted through the subsidiary of Marquard & Bahls Wilhelm Schliemann, which has long had good contacts in Scandinavia.

Marquard & Bahls also buys Gulf crude oil through Wilhelm Schliemann and has it processed it at Dansk Veedol. By selling to either major oil companies, or exchanging finished products for oil in premium-price countries, Wilhelm Schliemann GmbH generates excellent profits and closes 1964 with record results.