Theodor Weisser Dies at the Age of 85
Theodor Weisser

March 1997

Theodor Weisser Dies at the Age of 85

Theodor Weisser was an outstanding businessman, the likes of whom were rarely seen in post-war Germany. He was instrumental in shaping the German and European oil trading business from Day One. He also, correctly judged the power of the free market and from this, gained the strength needed to preserve his character and independence.

Theodor Weisser had withdrawn from the active management of the company he founded nearly 25 years earlier. Yet even at a remove, he continued to support his family as a committed and knowledgeable adviser on company matters. He was an entrepreneur whose dealings with his staff were marked by his feeling of responsibility towards them.

Following his return from captivity (POW), he founded his own company in 1947 and, with remarkable entrepreneurial vision, dedicated himself to his dream of creating an independent oil company with a sound infrastructure. In doing so, Theodor Weisser set the benchmark for domestic and international oil trading. His nose for future political and economic developments served him well in times of rapid economic change. Another important element of Theodor Weisser's commercial success was undoubtedly his ability to get others excited about a shared goal. Thus even in times of adversity, he always succeeded in “keeping enough water under the keel of his cog.”

A man of charisma and visionary business drive has died.