Business Areas of Marquard & Bahls

Our vision is to be the preferred partner in energy supply, trading and logistics.

Trading: Mabanaft


Regional trade &
wholesale...   more
Retail...   more
Bunkering...   more

Tank Storage Logistics: Oiltanking

Tank Storage Logistics

Tank storage, 
EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction)... 

Aviation Fuelling: Skytanking

Aviation Fuelling

Into-plane services, aviation fuel storage & hydrant management... more

Dry Bulk Handling: United Bulk Terminals

Dry Bulk Handling

Storage & handling of dry bulk 
e.g. coal & petcoke...  

Biogas: Mabagas


Biogas made from organic residues & waste, biogas plants...

Carbon Trading: Carbonbay

Carbon Trading

Projects of wind, water, biomass & solar energy...   

Fuel Analysis: GMA

Fuel Analysis

Quality management & analysis of fossil & biogenic fuels...   more

Energy Services: natGAS

Energy Services

Energy solutions related to natural gas & electricity...   more

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