Aviation Fuelling

Skytanking provides a full range of aviation fuelling services including into-plane fuelling, aviation fuel storage and hydrant management, investment in aviation fuel facilities at airports and engineering. Its customers are airlines, airports, and oil companies. The company handled 24.7 million cbm of aviation fuel in 2019, refuelled 2 million aircraft – which is equivalent to 4 fuellings per minute – and has operations at 82 airports in 14 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Australia.

Skytanking employs around 2,400 people.

Into-Plane Fuelling

Skytanking is an expert in providing safe and efficient into-plane fuelling services at some of the largest and smallest airports around the world. The company owns a fleet of about 550 fuelling vehicles. Fuelling is carried out either with a tank truck or via a hydrant system using a dispenser.

Airport Fuel Storage & Hydrant Management

Apart from into-plane fuelling, Skytanking operates airport fuel storage & hydrant systems that are owned by oil companies, airlines, airports or Skytanking itself. The company currently manages jet-fuel facilities at about 70 airports worldwide.

These include large storage & hydrant systems at international airports such as Munich, Delhi, Brussels and also smaller regional airports like Durban.

Investment in Aviation Fuelling Infrastructure

Skytanking finances, builds and operates airport storage and hydrant systems on a build, own, operate (BOO) or a build, own, operate, transfer (BOOT) basis. Examples include Bangalore, India, and Stuttgart, Germany.


Skytanking has a team of engineers based in Brussels that are experts in all aspects of jet-fuel storage and hydrant engineering. They can assist airports, airlines and oil companies with fuel facility engineering from initial concept to start-up.

Key Facts

  • 82

    in 14 countries

  • 2

    million fuellings
    per annum

  • 24.7

    million cbm
    of throughput p.a.

  • ~550


  • 2,400