Renewable Energies

Mabagas, a subsidiary of Marquard & Bahls, is active in the biogas business. Mabagas and its operating company IOT Mabagas were established to realize biogas projects based on organic residues and waste materials. Currently IOT Mabagas operates a biogas plant with a total volume of 16,000 cbm in Namakkal, India. Its operation generates approximately 40 million kWh of biogas per year, which are then converted into electricity. The fermented products accrued in the process are used as fertilizer in agriculture. Additional biogas projects are being pursued in India.

Mabagas also offers biogas made from organic residues and waste in the form of bio-CNG (compressed natural gas) as a vehicle fuel. To better leverage synergy effects within the Marquard & Bahls group of companies, the bio-CNG filling stations network, which currently includes 11 stations in Germany, has been operated by OIL! Tankstellen since January 2016.

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