Experience Report Simon Paasch

Formerly a business administration dual student in conjunction with the NORDAKADEMIE - Hochschule der Wirtschaft
Now a Business Analyst at Skytanking Holding GmbH

Why did you decide to do a dual-studies program with us?

I became aware of Marquard & Bahls on the NORDAKADEMIE website when I was looking into a dual-studies business administration degree. The company’s diversity and international orientation immediately appealed to me, so I decided to apply. I was particularly impressed by the fact that the applicants’ personalities were already a priority even during the interviews, so that from the outset it was understood that a lot of attention is paid to developing junior staff. I was also convinced by the structure of the dual-studies program at Marquard & Bahls, as the focus of the course is on getting to know the core business through operational placements as well as on learning the necessary business skills, and students are given the opportunity to get to know various Marquard & Bahls locations in Germany and internationally.

How would you describe our company and our culture?

Marquard & Bahls has flat hierarchies and an international, cosmopolitan company culture. Employees are given responsibility from the outset, and a high degree of self-motivation is expected, so that you can contribute to the company's success and your personal development through an inspired performance at work. During my time as a dual student, my colleagues were always friendly and helpful to new colleagues, so that I was quickly able to learn many skills and gain valuable experience.

What do you like most about your work or training with us?

Summing up my time as a dual student at Marquard & Bahls, I can say that I was able to get a good start to my career through a wide range of fascinating and very hands-on placements. The company attaches great importance to giving students an overview of the entire Group, so that I gained a lot of valuable experience in my operational placements at key Marquard & Bahls subsidiaries. I also liked the fact that, from the beginning, students travel to various locations to gain insights into daily operations outside of Hamburg, too. Likewise, it’s important to emphasize that the atmosphere among co-workers and within the junior group was always very positive, so that while I was a dual student, I always had a go-to person. This greatly facilitated my entry into the company as well as the various placements.