Experience Report Johanna Prante

Formerly a trainee in the Finance & Accounting department at Marquard & Bahls
Now Group Accounting Officer at Marquard & Bahls

Why did you choose our trainee program?

After successfully completing my Master's degree in Controlling & Finance, and gaining some practical experience in the field of auditing, I knew that I wanted to test my knowledge in other areas of finance. The trainee program at Marquard & Bahls AG was an obvious choice for doing this. I like the program because, beyond the main focal point of finance & accounting, I was able to get to know the operational business and gain additional experience abroad. The company is also outstanding for its internationality and variability. 

How would you describe our company and our culture?

I would give a thoroughly positive rating to the working atmosphere and company culture at Marquard & Bahls. I was openly welcomed and treated as a full-fledged member of the team in all my placements, whether in the end customer business, the tank terminal, or at other subsidiaries in Germany and abroad. This made it very easy to become part of the team. Colleagues take time for you and expressly encourage you to ask questions. This trainee program offers the opportunity to get to know many different areas of the company as well as their business models and working methods, as well as creating a large network of contacts. 

What do you like most about your work or your training with us?

During my trainee period, I gained a lot of insights and experience. I not only had the opportunity to “get my hands dirty”; I went through the most important finance & accounting departments and was assigned to the Regional Finance Office in Argentina. I got the opportunity to meet many friendly, open and helpful colleagues. The trainee program helped me make the decision to start my career as a specialist in Group Accounting.