Experience Report Katharina Palm

Formerly a Trainee in Human Resources
Now a Junior Consultant HR Germany

Why did you choose a trainee program with us?

After completing a degree in Cultural and Communication Sciences, a trainee program was the perfect introduction to working life for me. I was officially given another two years of being a “learner” and would get to try out different areas of my specialization. I had the opportunity to explore HR work at Marquard & Bahls from different perspectives, while also getting to know the company as such with all its business areas. This form of intensive training is a real privilege and was exactly the right decision for me.

How would you describe our company and our culture?

Marquard & Bahls is characterized by a multitude of different cultures. Every company has its own culture, shaped by its line of business. During my trainee program, I had the opportunity to work at our tank terminal in the port of Hamburg. At a small energy supplier in a more rural region, I supported the daily business for six weeks. During my specialization, I worked at Marquard & Bahls corporate. I spent my posting abroad at our subsidiary in Mumbai. 

I believe that what all the companies have in common is a down-to-earth, healthy pragmatism and entrepreneurial spirit. The uncomplicated openness in encounters with executives, managers and employees is particularly striking for me at Marquard & Bahls. Even during the interview, this difference was clearly discernible. It was easy for me to quickly arrive “on board” in this environment and build a network. 

What do you like most about your work or your training with us?

One thing I greatly appreciate about my training is the opportunity to gain insights into many different areas of the HR department at Marquard & Bahls. I’ve been able to gain an understanding of the different departments and their respective relevant internal and external interfaces. In my current workday routine, this helps me to quickly understand problems and find pragmatic solutions. Knowing where to get what information fastest, or who can help you with a problem makes everyday life easier. 

I also like the individual support you get when training at Marquard & Bahls. I was always in close contact with the Training department, my mentor and my supervisor, and I had the opportunity to reflect on myself and my development and help shape it. The choice of my current position emerged slowly and through many conversations over the two years.