Human Resources Work

Given our company’s strong growth in recent years, forward-looking, active human resources (HR) work plays an important role.

Ten years ago Marquard & Bahls employed about 2,600 people worldwide; in 2015, it employed more than 8,600 people. This exponential growth in headcount has made processes more complex, but also offers various opportunities to exploit synergies, and therefore a more efficient approach of worldwide activities.

Average Total Number of Employees per Year

Average total number of employees per year

Employees by Region (2015)

Employees by region (2015)

Detailed indicators are published in our annual Sustainability Report.

The overarching goal of the HR Department is to partner with the operating companies as well as the departments of our holding company to deliver efficient solutions that give our employees the framework for best contributing to the success of the company. Roles and responsibilities are divided between the regional and the three central HR teams. For example, the HR Processes & Systems team is developing a global Talent Management System (peopleWeb), that will allow for a more detailed analysis of the global workforce in the future. The system was rolled out further during the course of 2015.

Equal Opportunity

We see diversity as a key to success, both in our lines of business and among our employees. We aim to further increase diversity within our company by employing both male and female employees from many different cultures.

Employees from 55 nations work for us around the world.

All employees can anonymously report cases of discrimination, harassment or other violations of the Code of Conduct to the central Code of Conduct Team at any time.

Employee Assistance Program

As part of our commitment to offer employees support in different life situations, our holding company Marquard & Bahls has contracted the services of an external Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This program support – from advisory service to therapy – has been provided to employees and their family members in Germany on a wide range of issues – from work-related and emotional problems to practical and legal issues. All matters are treated with strict adherence to privacy protection regulations. This service is completely free of charge for our employees and their family members, and is available day and night.

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