Lunch Delivery Service:
"Great idea! Thanks a lot!"

The spread of the corona virus forces us to reorganize our everyday life. In the past, a lunchtime walk to the WATERKANT staff restaurant was part of the daily routine in headquarters Koreastraße, but now many employees are faced with the question: What's for lunch today? Because for many of us, in addition to mobile working, the children have to be looked after. Other employees belong to health risk groups and should leave their homes as rarely as possible. The solution: a delivery service that prepares the food and delivers it to the private addresses.

Since end of March, our Facility Management has been offering exactly that: a delivery service that is supposed to make life easier for employees who are currently practicing mobile working and who work in the Koreastraße or at the Oiltanking tank terminals Blumensand and Waltershof or for Mabanaft and its subsidiaries (incl. Staack Pooltanking, Klindworth-Kronol) or Skytanking Hamburg, and who live in the greater Hamburg area. The food is prepared in the Koreastraße and then delivered in the greater Hamburg area. Two transporters are used for this. Two employees each take the food out and deliver it to the door - of course with a contactless handover. The safety of all involved has top priority. The recipient only has to warm the food for a short time - that's it. It could hardly be any quicker or easier. Of course, it is also very tasty, as we are used to from the WATERKANT.

The response has been overwhelming: In the first week alone, almost 100 orders were received with a total of 1,216 portions for the 5 delivery days. For the first two delivery days alone, there were over 70 delivery stations with an average of 240 portions! In addition, there is broad approval and much praise for this campaign. The colleagues are pleased that their service offer is so much appreciated.

"Special times require flexible measures. For the employees who are currently still working in Koreastraße, a total of about 40 people, cooking is done anyway. So we have extended the service without further ado to include the delivery offer. The entire department - the commercial team, the house service and the catering team - together organize this new service offer: Some of them cook, others arrange the delivery tours, and some take the food out. It works out very well and the offer is much more accepted than we thought. We are overwhelmed and I am proud of the whole team", says Timo Maschinger, Head of Facility Management.

Many thanks to the entire team!!!

Lunch delivery service