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July 19, 2018

United Bulk Terminals Back on Track

United Bulk Terminals (UBT) reached an impressive milestone last week when it loaded around 140,000 short tons of dry bulk cargo from barge to ship with an impressive average load rate of over 40,000 short tons per day.

The dry bulk material was loaded directly from barges onto a Capesize vessel. This is a remarkable loading record, which impressively proves the company's performance.

Over the past two years, UBT has responded to the increasingly difficult market by investing in its key infrastructure and optimizing its operational processes. These measures in combination with UBT’s strategic position on the Lower Mississippi River which serves as a gateway to international and domestic markets are paying off. UBT’s deep water docks capable of loading some of the largest vessels sailing the world’s oceans further strengthens UBT’s position.

“Our strengths are our employees, our location and our efficient infrastructure. We are constantly evolving our services and performance to satisfy our customers and ensure flexible and efficient handling of dry bulk commodities. We offer services, such as ground storage, direct ship-to-barge resp. barge-to-ship transfers, self load/discharge, blending, dewatering, mechanical sampling and we are known for flexibility around special requests,” says Philipp Kroepels, General Manager of UBT Davant. 

United Bulk Terminals (UBT) is a subsidiary of Marquard & Bahls, a Hamburg-based company that operates in the fields of energy supply, trading and logistics. UBT provides a broad spectrum of services related to the storage and handling of dry bulk products. The facility in Davant, Louisiana, is the largest dry bulk export terminal on the U.S. Gulf Coast, servicing nearly all major U.S. petcoke and coal producers. UBT Dupré, a joint venture with Dupré Logistics, operates the Corpus Christi site in Texas, and offers in-refinery petcoke and sulfur handling services. In 2017, UBT had a total storage capacity of 2 million tons and realized a total throughput of around 6.6 million tons. 

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