Corporate Citizenship
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Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship (pdf / 3.77 MB)

Corporate Citizenship – a social and environmental engagement that goes beyond a company’s core activities, with the overall aim of creating added value for society – is an important part of our corporate responsibility.

We are aware that our operations can have an impact on local communities, and strongly believe that we have a responsibility to act as a good neighbor, to build trust and mutual respect. We show our commitment in the form of financial contributions and in-kind donations, as well as volunteer work by our employees. To give more strategic guidance, we developed a new 12-paged brochure. It gives an overview of our 5 focus areas, the criteria for the local selection, planning and implementation of corporate citizenship projects as well as best practice examples from around the globe. If you have questions about the brochure or want to tell us what you think, please send us an email.

English (Corporate Citizenship)
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German (Gemeinnütziges Engagement)
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Corporate Citizenship Project Examples

Examples of projects in the fields of environment, education, health, culture & sports, humanitarian aid... more