Investing in the Future

Building an Innovative Portfolio

On its strategic journey ahead Marquard & Bahls will seek opportunities in current markets while actively exploring investment opportunities in energy & chemicals. In doing so, we aim to steadily change our portfolio to prepare our company for a sustainable future. Electrification and the need to reduce carbon emissions are key trends in this energy transition, in which we intend to become an active participant.

Our recent investments include:

Nordic Electrofuel – Synthetic Fuels

The Norwegian company is on its way to establishing one of the first PTL (Power-to-Liquid) projects on an industrial scale. The company will produce high-quality, carbon-neutral, synthetic fuels and other fossil replacement products based on water, carbon dioxide, and renewable power. The first e-fuel plant is planned to be constructed at Herøya Industrial Park in Porsgrunn, 150 km southwest of Oslo. 

BRUSA ICS – Electromobility

BRUSA ICS is a subsidiary of Brusa Electronik, an established and renowned Swiss company in the electric vehicle industry with over 30 years of experience. Brusa ICS has developed an industrial wireless charging system for electric vehicles that is innovative, customer-friendly and the only system currently approved for road use. The company's wireless charging technology has already been used in cars since 2018.

Further Investments:

Superior Plus – Propane 

Superior Plus Corp. is a leading distributor and marketer of propane and distillates and related products and services, servicing over 780,000 customer locations in the U.S. and Canada. The business encompasses three areas: distribution and retail marketing of propane-related products and services, distribution of liquid fuels including heating oil and propane gas as well as wholesale marketing services of natural gas liquids.