Investing in the Future

Building an Innovative Portfolio

On its strategic journey ahead Marquard & Bahls will seek opportunities in current markets while actively exploring investment opportunities in energy & chemicals. In doing so, we aim to steadily change our portfolio to prepare our company for a sustainable future. Electrification and the need to reduce carbon emissions are key trends in this energy transition, in which we intend to become an active participant.

Carbon Neutral Synthetic Fuels

As a first step, the company acquired a minority stake in Nordic Electrofuel (formerly Nordic Blue Crude). The Norwegian company is on its way to establish the first Power-to-Liquid project on an industrial scale. Currently, Nordic Electrofuel is engineering its "E-Fuel 1" plant in Herøya, an industrial park located 150 km southwest of Oslo, with a production capacity of 10 million litres of synthetic hydrocarbons per year, using renewable electricity, water and CO2 as feedstocks. The produced synthetic fuel is carbon neutral and offers a 100% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to fossil fuels. After the refining step, the product mix will consist of kerosene (jet fuel), diesel, naphtha and wax.