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Theodor Weisser Founds Marquard & Bahls
Theodor Weisser

December 1947

Theodor Weisser Founds Marquard & Bahls

Marquard & Bahls is founded in 1913 by Franz von Marquard (commercial registration on May 06, 1914). On October 19, 1919 the business becomes a partnership when Otto Rudolf Julius Bahls joins the ranks. The partnership processes and sells lubricating oil. However, by the end of the war – Messrs Marquard & Bahls have both passed away at this point – Mr. Isenbart buys the abandoned company from their heirs.

In 1945 Theodor Weisser returns from the war and, like many others, faces a new beginning. He had a position with Shell before the war, but when he returns to Hamburg the position is occupied. This situation eventually leads to him becoming self-employed. The company that he buys, Marquard & Bahls, is merely a shell at this point. The most important thing is that Marquard & Bahls still has a production licence, an export licence and a trading permit. This enables Theodor Weisser to set up new companies both at home and abroad.

An office is available on Kattrepelsbrücke. The shell company costs 70,000 Reichsmark (RM). Theodor Weisser himself contributes 8,000 RM, and after lengthy negotiations with Mr. Isenbart and Mr. Recht, an agreement is reached whereby the sale price is 20,000 RM, and the profit is to be paid out to Messrs Isenbart and Recht until the sum of 70,000 RM is reached. The remaining 12,000 RM are borrowed.