Bangalore, India (2017) | School Renovations in Bidalur Village

IndianOil Skytanking Helps with School Renovation

Students and teachers on their way to the school’s newly constructed, covered stage
Students and teachers on their way to the school’s newly constructed, covered stage

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, IndianOil Skytanking employees visited public schools in and around the village of Devanahalli Taluk close to Bangalore to find out where help and assistance was needed. It turned out that the village’s public elementary school had at least two very run-down, more than fifty-year-old classrooms in dire need of refurbishment. The same was true for the sanitary facilities, which were in a dismal condition. In addition, during their visit, the staff observed that the school did not have an auditorium or a stage for cultural and other events. The damaged wall surrounding the school grounds was noted as another action area.

Following their inspections, the staff presented their findings to the IndianOil Skytanking board and persuaded them of the necessity and sense of supporting the school with the new building for three classrooms & other facilities. Contracts were then signed with the local Education Authorities under Ministry of Education of the State of Karnataka, and the renovation began on June 1, 2017.

Two old classroom buildings were demolished and a new building with three classrooms was constructed and furnished. The electrical was installed and the walls painted with educational materials for children. As part of the renovation, a new, covered stage, sanitary facilities, and a boundary wall for the school property were constructed, and an underground rainwater collection tank installed to improve the water supply.

Some walls were rebuilt and redesigned so that they fit perfectly into the overall picture of the new covered stage, which will serve the school well for many future celebrations and events. The renovations were completed in February 2018. The staff supported the works with a total of 130 hours. IndianOil Skytanking’s investment in the project totaled approximately 45,500 euros.