Hamburg, Germany (2020) | Women Empowerment

Support of Mamalies in the HafenCity

Mamalies – a powerful team of volunteer supporters in HafenCity
Mamalies – a powerful team of volunteer supporters in HafenCity

Very close located to our Hamburg headquarters, Mamalies has run an education and meeting center since the beginning of 2017, which was originally designed as a contact point for mothers and infants from the subsequent accommodation for refugees in the HafenCity who are threatened by social isolation. In the meantime, the daily classes and childcare are also used by other women outside the Hafencity.

At Mamalies, the most important course contents are language, everyday orientation and basic knowledge of German society, whereby the non-profit organization defines two further target groups in addition to these women: On the one hand, the children of the women, who are looked after at the same time in the sense of early childhood language development. On the other hand, female pensioners and other volunteers who are given the opportunity to get involved within a defined framework and at the same time enrich Mamalies across generations and in the sense of an intercultural encounter.

At the end of last year, however, a funding gap opened up. Marquard & Bahls decided to help with a donation of 25,000 Euros to ensure the continued existence of the center.