Hamburg, Germany (2021) | Container Project

Marquard & Bahls Supports Winter Shelter for Homeless Women

Life on the street is particularly difficult for women and there are only a few suitable offers in the city. The Caritas Association offers a special container project in cooperation with the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. Ten homeless women can live in a small container there and at the same time receive counselling and support from students of the university.

In the winter of 1993, the container project was launched as a cooperation between HAW and Ambulanten Hilfe Hamburg. In the meantime, ten living containers at the Berliner Tor campus offer space for homeless women every year between November and April.

25% of the homeless in Hamburg are women whose living situation is characterised by poverty and many years of exclusion from the social community. Only a small proportion of women live openly homeless or visibly on the street. Much more often, women turn to precarious accommodation situations and forced communities out of their emergency situation, whereby they not infrequently become victims of violence and abuse. Due to the fact that these women are often so psychologically burdened, they are usually unable to accept shared rooms in existing emergency shelters. Therefore, the HAW container project offers each woman her own small room, equipped with a bed, wardrobe, table and chair - a place where they can just be and feel protected. In addition, there is a sanitary container as well as an office container where they are provided with coffee, snacks and other useful things for their life in the living containers. They are supported and advised by social work students, e.g. when going to authorities and counselling centres. In addition, great importance is attached to counteracting the loneliness tendencies of the women, listening to them and giving them attention. Shared meals or excursions as a group are also part of the project. In the last few years, about 20 women have taken advantage of this offer every year, offering them protection against discrimination and violence during the cold months.

In order to be able to continue the project, it is dependent on donations. We are pleased to be able to contribute to securing this valuable project with a donation of 1,500 euros.

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