Asia-Pacific Region (2012) | "Earth Hour" Events

For an Hour, All Non-Essential Lights at the Tank Terminals Were Switched Off

Oiltanking Earth Hour action
Oiltanking Earth Hour action

In 2012, Oiltanking Asia Pacific followed IOT’s good example in India and celebrated "Earth Hour" on May 29, 2012 – a worldwide event organized annually by WWF since 2007 to raise awareness of climate change. For an hour all non-essential lights were turned off at the tank terminals in Singapore, Merak (Indonesia), Daya Bay and Nanjing (China).

Based on the above-mentioned Oiltanking Energy Saving Directive, we are reviewing to what extent the lighting at our facilities can generally be reduced, managed with timers, or replaced with LED bulbs. The use of twilight and motion sensors as well as manual circuits or even the complete absence of some lighting units has great potential for a systematic energy saving.