Terneuzen, The Netherlands (2020) | Interreg Program for Circular Maintenance

Oiltanking Terneuzen is a Participant in “Light on Demand”

Oiltanking Terneuzen is a participant in the Interreg program for circular maintenance, specifically the “Light on Demand” (smart lighting) subproject. The aim is to ensure that we only provide artificial/supplementary light where it is needed. Besides reducing our energy consumption, this will also serve to reduce light pollution in the environment. Light pollution is an issue in the Netherlands, especially in areas adjacent to Natura 2000 regions. Circular maintenance provides an approach to limiting the use of raw materials in order to reduce the material footprint of the industry in a sustainable way.

This program was initiated with the following objective:

  1. Reduce annual lighting-related energy consumption by up to 50% 
  2. Reuse existing fixtures wherever possible
  3. Look into "Light as a Service” (LaaS) 

For more information about the “Circular Maintenance” Interreg project: 

The project uses practical research and demonstrations to explore and disseminate innovative solutions to practical matters such as repair prevention and the sustainable reuse of equipment – e.g. reusing electrical motors and transformers when replacing/upgrading installations, sharing little-used maintenance tools, employing new cleaning techniques that drastically reduce waste water and the use of chemical cleaning products, etc.

New, “circular” earning models will also be developed for the maintenance sector of the processing industry. In each case, the central question will be whether a given solution is also economically viable and practicable for companies.

The “Circular Maintenance” project is financed as part of the Interreg V program Flanders-Netherlands, a cross-border cooperation program with financial support from the European Regional Development Fund. For more information: 

In this “Circular Maintenance” project, several public and private partners work together under the leadership of the (Dutch) Knowledge and Innovation Centre Maintenance Process Industry (KicMPi) and the Belgian Maintenance Association (BEMAS) to reduce the material footprint of the processing industry in the southern Netherlands and Flanders while also achieving economic benefits.

Total costs: Interreg is contributing € 710,000.00 (48.48%) of a total budget of €1,464,543.46.