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10 Years of Initiative Pro Klima: Thanks to Mabanaft, Petronord and OIL! Tankstellen, More Than 162,000 Trees Have Been Planted to Date

Initiative Pro Klima reforestation project in Sarlhusen
Initiative Pro Klima reforestation project in Sarlhusen

Forests have a number of positive effects on the climate and the environment as a whole. That is why Initiative Pro Klima – a joint initiative by Mabanaft, Petronord and OIL! Tankstellen – supports reforestation projects in Germany, among other things. For example, in cooperation with the Schleswig-Holstein State Forestry and Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald e.V. (German Forest Protection Association) in recent years over 162,000 trees have been planted. This project was launched in 2008 with an area of 100,000 m² in Bönebüttel, Schleswig-Holstein, on which 40,000 trees were planted. Other towns followed, with between 10,000-23,300 trees planted in each of the towns of Borstel-Hohenraden, Hemdingen, Hohenlockstedt, Bad Salzuflen, Weye, Hasloh, Forst Klövensteen and Sarlhusen. As part of further reforestation actions, Initiative Pro Klima also planted several trees along streets and in parks in North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria to improve the cityscape. The employees of the companies involved are actively involved in the reforestation projects, so they simultaneously have an overview of the project progress. In addition, there are joint reforestation actions with customers as well as with local schools and kindergartens.

In November 2018, Initiative Pro Klima organized another tree-planting day in the forest of Sarlhusen. On the outskirts of Sarlhusen, a municipality about 60 km north of Hamburg, a total of 10,000 young beeches, oaks, hornbeams, winter lime trees, Douglas firs, silver firs and other tree species have been planted on an area of about 1.8 hectares. In addition to the employees of the initiators Petronord and OIL!, the initiative was this time also actively supported by children from the local Regenbogen kindergarten. Together, they planted 500 tree seedlings, and had a lot of fun and joy in the process.

The resulting mixed forest contributes to species diversity and can withstand extreme weather conditions. For Schleswig-Holstein, which has few forests, this is a great benefit.